Baseball Sublimation, Press On Sublimation. "Raising Ballers Baseball" Sublimation Transfer, Baseball Mom, T Ball

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IMPORTANT: SUBLIMATION TRANSFERS CAN NOT BE PRESSED WITH A CRICUT EASY PRESS. THEY NEED CONSISTENT PRESSURETHIS IS FOR A SUBLIMATION TRANSFER. THERE WILL NOT BE A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD AND THE SHIRT IS NOT INCLUDED PLEASE........MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THESE MUST BE PRESSED ON LIGHT COLORED POLYESTER MATERIAL WITH A HEAT PRESS. THEY WILL NOT WORK ON COTTON OR DARK COLORED SHIRTS!!! Thank you for visiting my shop!! You will receive a Sublimation Transfer of the image displayed on the shirt. This is not a digital product and you will not receive the shirt. Please note: *Sublimation transfers require a HEAT PRESS to be applied. They can not be applied with an iron or a Cricut Easy Press. * Transfer must be used on a substrate coated for sublimation (mugs, etc.) or fabric with at least 50% polyester. 100% polyester is recommended. The fabric must be light in color. The image will not show up on black or dark colors. White or gray is recommended. * These transfers will not print white ink. If there is white in the design it will become the color of the fabric your apply it to. Instructions for applying your transfer can be found below: *Pre-Press your shirt for 5 seconds to remove any moisture. * Tear the transfer close to the design, this gives it a jagged edge and helps prevent press marks from the paper. *Make sure to put something in-between your shirt (the dye will press through to the back of the shirt. (Parchment paper, regular copy paper, butcher paper, etc. Also, cover the entire garment that is under the press, to prevent over-heating and yellowing of your garment. I use butcher paper to cover mine. * Place the transfer facedown on your shirt. (Do not use a Teflon sheet it interferes with the heat and ink can transfer to it from the sublimation transfer). You can use regular copy paper, butcher paper or something similar to cover your design. *Your press needs to be at 385-400 degrees F * Press for 45-60 seconds, Medium Pressure Adult XL size is about 11" wide Adult size is about 10” wide Youth size is about 7.5-8” wide Toddle size is about 5.5-6” wide